Saturday, January 4, 2014

Writing for the Singularity

Anyone that writes science fiction knows that the biggest challenge to writing sci-fi is that if it is near-future science fiction, the science fiction elements can turn into science fact before the story gets published or much press. I can't even believe the number of Star Trek like inventions that have surfaced in my lifetime. I expected most of this to never see the light of day during my lifetime.

The more savvy science fiction enthusiasts will point out that we are approaching what is referred to as the singularity. Comparing scientific research to a house fire, the singularity is the point where scientific discovery explodes in much the same way a burning room experiences flashover. At the point of singularity (and after) it will be impossible to humans to keep up with learning everything that is discovered. Computers will likely take over the scientific discovery process leaving us well in their dust.

I'm sure science fiction will become even more difficult to write at that point.

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